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Valérie Cudel
1 rue Gutenberg
F - 26000 Valence
+ 33 (0)4 75 78 45 14
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captures editions


is a publishing company created by Valerie Cudel in 2008. A collection of artists' books has been developed.

Some projects are connected to commissions from The New Patrons protocol / Fondation de France.
The books are always conceived as creative artworks in themselves and the invited artist's initial proposal is the heart of the research.

We work closely with artists, graphic designers, photoengravers and printers on the creation of the artist book series: Jocelyne Fracheboud, Nicolas Romarie, Claire Moreux, Fanette Mellier, Printmodel (Paris), Bruno Voidey (Dijon), François Coulet / webmaster (Valence), Manufacture d’histoires – Deux Ponts (Grenoble), Simongraphic (Ornans), Schraag (Trévenans)


Published books

William Kentridge, Everyone their Own Projector, 2008
Matt Mullican, Notating the Cosmology, 1973-2008, 2009
Alain Bernardini, Monument d’images, 2009
Jessica Stockholder, ABC TASTE, 2010
Alejandra Riera, Enquête sur le/notre dehors (Valence-le-Haut) <2007 - ...>, 2012
Susanne Bürner, Euville, 2012
Michel Aubry, La Sixième Partie du monde, 2014
Dector & Dupuy, 2015
Francesc Ruiz, Fahrenheit 451’s comic, 2016
Niek van de Steeg, The House of Raw Matter, 2017
George Trakas, Du sec à l’eau, 2017
Patrick Bouchain, Les Bogues du Blat, 2018

Collection digressions

Kapwani Kiwanga, Collection Digressions, 2017
Benjamin Seror, Collection Digressions, 2017
Alex Cecchetti, Collection Digressions, 2017
Virginie Yassef, Collection Digressions, 2018
Céline Ahond, Collection Digressions, 2018


Tere Recarens


Furk'Art Ephemera

George Trakas
Joëlle Tuerlinckx

Digressions series :
Béatrice Balcou

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